No, Google doesn't investigate your Google Analytics and Adsense information or even Gmail and Google Docs.


1.) Meta catchphrases: Should we use them or not?

Meta catchphrases began getting utilized in the year 1995 when individuals were looking through the web utilizing Infoseek and so on To clarify what the page was about(apart from utilizing meta portrayal), each page had it's own meta watchwords which resembled:

In September 2009, Google declared the destruction of meta catchphrases. Indeed, even Yahoo and Bing declared the equivalent in the year 2014:

Actually, in case Digital Marketing Agencies Brighton attempting to rank for any term that is even just somewhat serious, meta watchwords won't help.

2.) Page offers, likes, and tweets:

There are no immediate effects on your site's Google positioning with the quantity of offers, likes and so on you may jump on Facebook or Twitter. With great promoting done by certain brands, great navigate rates, high hunts on web indexes may in a roundabout way influence their inquiry rankings.

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3.) Website ricochet rate:

What really is a bob rate?

The bob rate is the level of guests to a specific webpage who explore or "ricochet" away after just survey that individual site page.

Your site may have a higher page load time with terrible plan and awful substance which may make the client visit different sites that may influence your Google rankings.

You should check why your pages are accepting a high bob rate and right it however don't stay in it for higher Google positioning.

4.) Your site's code:

Google rankings don't vary in the event that you are utilizing .NET or crude HTML for your site. Your site should have great substance, UI, fantastic backlinks with great traffic.

5.) Your Website's Age:

Google takes a gander at the site's age yet just in the event that you are up on the first page which most likely methods you're distributing quality substance. Your site can't be positioned on the first page of Google SERP on the grounds that of(directly)the age alone.

There are numerous elements mulled over, one of them being 'quality substance'.

In the event that your site has produced great substance in a less measure of time period, Google will lean toward compensating your site much more as Digital Marketing Agencies in Edinburgh site created a similar measure of area authority like the ones that as of now exist on the first page of Google SERP.

6.) Google Apps:

Google won't ever investigate your Gmail Apps as they contain your own messages, information. Along these lines, utilizing Google Apps don't help you rank better on Google's SERP and not utilizing them won't hurt your rankings also.