Don't get confused with this one

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Defence Pure. Don't get confused with this one - it is the precise reverse of One Defence Pure. It's also an account which has a low Combat Stat, but in this case, the owner makes the decision to maximize Defence Skill in the cost of different features. Defense pures were very popular back in the day since they utilized Dragonfire Shield's special attack together with venom damage stacks that come from Serpentine Helm to RS gold cope damage. Users were quite secure as they had elevated quality and Hitpoint levels. While this method is no longer viable, the Defence Pures are less popular as they were.

Maulers. Maulers, also known as Obsidian Pure, do use Tzhaar-ket-om weapon to conquer their opponents. By going this route, they figure out how to achieve even lower Combat Level compared to 1 Defence Pure.

G Maulers. Similarly to the team over, G Maulers layout their stats to be only enough to equip a weapon of their choice. This weapon is a Granite Maul, that necessitates 50 Strike and 50 Power to wield. G Maulers are usually at even lower Combat Level compared to One Defence Actual, and sometimes they might be even more deadly because Granite Maul particular strike deals instantaneous damage. Players who wield this weapon will usually wait for it until their enemy wellbeing drops low enough to finish them with one strike.

13 Defence Pure. It is a specific sort of Pure which wasn't created simply by leveling abilities but was a product of completing Nature Spirit quest. Players that have 13 Defence are often aiming to finish Recipe for Disaster quest to buy osrs gold safe acquire Adamant Gloves, which provide high Attack and Defence bonuses. On top of this, 13 points in Defence do allow them wear Black gear and Slayer Helmet raising their defensive abilities even further.