I started playing RuneScape

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I have never been too excited about the ZMI, however if it's the best option then I'll give it a seconds chance. I have attempted astrals before, but the suqah stress me, I truly do not like wearing any kind of armour since I like the lighter weight, but I don't have the best defence and they hit fairly consistently. In terms of laws, I used to RuneScape gold work the hell out of this balloon method so I know what I'm doing in that regard, and naturally, I said the Graahk natures sooner on. Any additional methods and all suggestions are welcome.

I started playing RuneScape a few days back. I discovered RuneScape fun and addicting, but I watched some people over RuneScape that were far stronger then me, like level 68 or level 70. And so I chose to work and aim my goal to become powerful and meet a woman and a boy who will be my buddies and help me on my journey. If anybody could, please tell me where the best areas are for these individual stats so that I can train! Also if there'll be a woman and man to assist me on my trip that would be nice. Thanks!

Alright so here's a complete guide to OSRS buy gold help you reach your goals (in the sequence you need to train, I am assuming you need a higher battle level first): There are a lot of quests that you should do to assist you train those abilities, but I will skip them in this post.