Rocket League Trading as well as all consoles and PC

Rocket League Trading as well as all consoles and PC


Fortnite is a prime example of crossplay done right. The only thing holding it back is its own partners, but when you’re the biggest game in the world, eventually those who hold out must give in. Gamers have their favorite systems, and they bicker and argue over who is best. But there’s one truth when it comes to multiplayer — they just want people to play with. Fortnite: Battle Royale may very well be the game that finally breaks down all the walls.

I talked to Jeremy Dunham, the VP of publishing at Psyonix, who gave us some numbers to pull from: “More than 3 million games are played in Rocket League every day, and nearly 30 percent of those daily matches are cross-platform,” said Dunham. “What we’ve been most excited about, though, is that the number of cross-platform games continues to grow week over week and we are even starting to see three-platform games (i.e. Steam, Xbox, and Switch) happening with more regularity as well.”Epic was unable to comment on Fortnite’s crossplay numbers but given that the battle royale king is available on iOS and Rocket League Trading as well as all consoles and PC, it’s not unreasonable to expect similar data.Simply put: crossplay is what the players want. It’s what they’re going to get. And in time, no amount of territorial blockading is going to stop it.

The Psyonix assault on all things dull is in full swing, with this Summer bringing some fantastic content to everyone’s favourite vehicular gladiatorial genre-bender, and the 5th September sees the release of Rocket Pass. We’re here to examine the new feature in all its glory. What is it? How much will it cost? What do you get? Read on for all the juicy tidbits.