I’ve enjoyed my Switch for as long as I’ve owned it

I’ve enjoyed my Switch for as long as I’ve owned it


To our amazement, we had a full one-on-one Rocket League match, with him on the TV on an Xbox One, and myself in the same room on the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. I can’t imagine that this was an intended use case from either Microsoft or Nintendo, but the results were astounding. We noticed some interesting differences; our match was held in an underwater stage, and there were far more fish and other sea creatures in the background in the Xbox version compared to the Switch version. And, while I had a Mario battle car and hat equipped, and an avatar with my Mii, the Xbox version instead had me as a generic starter car and a question mark as the avatar.

I’ve enjoyed my Switch for as long as I’ve owned it, but something really clicked with me during this brief adventure. The novelty of bringing full console games with me on the go became even more appealing and substantial, and when you add the possibility of not only online play on the go, but cross-platform play, I’d say that the future of videogames is quite exciting (assuming the industry continues to go in this direction).

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