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Solis Dies Hotel welcomes all guests and visitors. With the purpose to being the favourite for all travelers and tourists in our city, we have the commitment to grow and give our best to provide a better service to each of our guests. We are located in a strategic area in the center of Miraflores where you will find opportunities for each of your activities. Also the hotel offers a comfortable and modern establishement, a warm and friendly atmosphere for a pleasurable rest for your stay.


It’s one of the 43 districts of Lima Province. Now considered a thriving district, safe and very important of Peru for its great shopping, cultural and tourist travel.

What to know?

Miraflores tourist attractions due to its proximity it can travel on foot. The main landmark is the oval of Miraflores, 10 minutes walk away is the ancient Huaca Pucllana is a place you should not miss, it remain admired the seismic constructions of the ancient Peruvians. Next to the oval is the Central Park of Miraflores, visit around the church, the city, enjoy some fresh Peruvian sold in stalls in the middle of the park, then go down the Larco Avenue, about 20 minutes, until the Miraflores Malecon and enjoy great views of the beaches of Miraflores, Larcomar is a modern shopping center nestled in the green cliffs of the coast, near visit the famous "Parque del Amor" and if you can get on a flight Paragliding.


Barranco is a peaceful and romantic place afternoon hours and bohemian evening hours, but certainly one of your main attractions are the traditional cazonas, plazas, malls, piers and parks, but do not be surprised if among them is quaint cafes, excellent restaurants, galleries and art shows or a good cinematographer. Barranco know you'll love.

What to know?

The city park, the bridge of the very popular Sighs by loving couples, the gazebo located behind the Ermita Church of Barranco, the Museo de Arte Colonial Pedro de Osma where you will find collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture, etc. You can also find several restaurants, pubs and clubs as Barranco is Lima's bohemian center.


Lima is divided into 43 districts, four districts are unavoidable in any tourist guide of the city. the historical center (also called the "El damero de pizarro”, located between the districts of Cercado and Rimac) is where was born the royal town in 1534. declared humanity heritage, in this area can discover valuable buildings between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries, including the historic Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral of Lima.

What to know?

The historical center of Lima, declared a humanity heritage site, is walkable and safe. Start your tour at the main square, the heart of Lima and then to resort san francisco to visit the catacombs. do not forget to enter the cathedral and enjoy their altars and paintings. in the main square you can observe the Government Palace, the Cathedral of Lima, the Archbishop's Palace of Lima and the municipal palace of lima, and also a few blocks away from the plaza san martin you can visit the park of the wall, the Central Market and Chinatown.